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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August drabbles - 31

New (5)

New... A new girl’s helping feed the homeless today. Her mother ladles food onto plates while child bounds between tables offering smiles with the water-jug; and strangers smile back.

“She’s a princess.” “She’s an angel,” they say, and mother says, “She’s mine.”

A gap-toothed, string-haired guest in ragged garb smells of gutters and sinks. “Why d’you do this?” he asks the girl. “Why d’you care?”

“You ’mind me of my Granddaddy,” she replies, then picks a jacket up from a box. “Granddad don’t wear this anymore. D’you think it’d fit?”

The stranger smiles, hope renewed by a little girl’s gift.

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Alina said...

Quite touching. Beautiful XO