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Sunday, July 11, 2010

July drabbles - 11

Puppy doesn’t like fireworks. Puppy hides, and finds…

Candies rolling under the chair. He stares but they don’t run away and he can’t leave them there, so puppy eats them.

Breadcrumbs rolled from a shelf. They lie quite still so puppy decides to munch on them as well.

Meat-scraps by the fridge smellssweet. Puppy gobbles them too, and a chocolate bar on the table and fruit in the bowl.

“Aw, look how scared he is.” Dad comes back inside, where puppy’s tummy rolls like a football on the ground. Puppy’s fat. Puppy’s round.

“Aw, look how stuffed.”

Poor pup.


flaubert said...

Sheila sounds like one of my dogs!
She hates fireworks and tries to jump in my lap!

Helen Ginger said...

Keep that puppy! He's like a little vacuum. Watch out for the chocolate, though. I understand that's not good for dogs.

Cute story, Sheila.

Marianne ~ said...

Poor pup, indeed. He's a little garbage collector! Years ago, we had a German shepherd. He was always miserable around the 4th of July. Sometimes he'd try to hide in the shower!