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Thursday, June 17, 2010

June drabbles - 17

Dear Dad. Pretty bowl. And the fish was delicious.
Dear Mimi. That wasn’t for eating.
Dear Dad. Beg pardon.
Dear Mimi. Pardon granted. Don’t do it again.

Dear Dad. The fish in the fridge was truly delicious.
Dear Mimi. That was our dinner.
Dear Dad. Yes. I ate it.
Dear Mimi. Ours. Not yours.

Dear Dad. The fish on the barbecue is smelling really great.
Dear Mimi. Not for you. Plastic fish, catnip-flavored, by your food.
Dear Dad. Just you wait.
Dear Mimi. Hmm.

Dear Dad. That fish on the barbeque was delicious.
Dear Mimi. Bad cat.
Dear Dad. Miaow!

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