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Saturday, March 20, 2010

March drabbles - 20

Ted just didn’t like yard-work. But Mom just thought it was what sons do to help around the house, while daughters clean. She called it “chores.”

What wouldn’t he give for soap-bubbles and fingers pickled in the sink? What wouldn’t he give for the dryness of house-dust in his nose? Out here there were spiders in the leaves and spider-silk breathed in with loamy air. The grass that jumped might have been a frog and a twig crawled away like a string…

“Snake!” He screamed. Mom said it was only a worm because she hadn’t seen. Ted didn’t like yard-work.

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Alina said...

This drabble reminded me of the days when my children were small and bickered about who got the easier chores. Great memories :0)