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Thursday, October 20, 2011

October drips - 19

Pick up your toys. When I’ve finished my chapter, Mom.
Put your tools away. Just finish this chapter first.
In empty rooms eternal pages turn.

October drips - 18

Legs move too fast. Head swerves from side to side. It glides. Eyes slip and slide. Those tendrils touching me. I run away and hide.

October drips - 17

It wasn’t a branch tapping the window after all. He checked the garage; dad tap-tapping the engine of his Rolls, the car that killed him.

October drips - 16

“Let’s throw her in the pond; see if she sinks.”
“Cause if she do we’re murderers and if she don’t we die.”

October drips - 15

There were pickles enough for everyone, but sour-faced Glum wouldn’t share; kept their fingers to himself as well and rolled sweet eye-balls on his tongue.

October drips - 14

Cat in the window, swishing tail; bright eyes alight on moonlit dark outside; cat wails. Meanwhile cat’s magic sister with the witches learns to fly.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October drips - 13

White light enters
Water droplets, turns
Bent out of shape;

White light blends
And burns the shades of summer
Colors wake;

Black knight’s killing-blade.